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Tatiana Popa _ Palanca
Casa Acoperita cu stuf_Ciutesti
Muzeul de Etnografie al Transilvaniei_Cluj-Napoca
casa Traditionala _Muzeul national de Etnografie din Chisinau
Poarta de lemn _ Ciutesti
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The art of weaving, crocheting and other old traditional techniques that was verry common in the old times, nowadays is not more encouraged to be practiced.

In our home country, Moldova and Romania, you can still find craft workshops, people passionate about craftsmanship who dedicate time and patience to create unique pieces, meaningfull and lasting in time artefacts. The local traditional artisan manufacturers have learned their skills from their families, the parent’s and grandmother’s generations. Every ornament relate a story, every material has a story. All the materials were usually raised and gathered by the artisans themselves.They mastered the material's secretes and they have the knowledge how to fully exploit its potential.

Researching the materials from the days of past, we discovered the history behind the threads and fabrics of flax and hemp. In the medieval age, the hemp was an invaluable part of life, the whole family made use of it, from the clothes that they were to the table and bed sheets. Every household used to own a hemp field.
The sheets made out of hemp have special qualities, they are very resistant with hygroscopic properties(water absorption) and they helped the body maintain

a constant temperature. You don't sweat in clothes made out of hemp. Our ancestors knew how to get the most out of it, even the hemp seeds were used in meals, as they are a great source of noutrients.


Inspired by this story, we decided to revive the traditional techniques and stimulate the potential of local materials by starting this Quintessence adventure.

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